Emerging 100

100 Black Men of Philaddelphia

🎓🚀 Elevate the future of our college students and new graduates! 

🌟 Heads Up, College Trailblazers! 🌍🎉 Are you revving up for college or already navigating the exhilarating college corridors? Well, here’s the game-changer you’ve been waiting for! 

 Dive into the Emerging 100 tailored just for college students like YOU. Whether you're cracking open fresh textbooks or sipping that third cup of late-night study coffee, we've got the ultimate boost for your career trajectory. 

 🚀 Here’s the Golden Ticket: Elite Summer Internships: Paid and prestigious! Rub shoulders with employees at top-tier organizations and entrepreneurs!

Skill Mastery Workshops: Hone those in-demand professional abilities. We’re talking top-notch Resume and Interview Prep, Mock Interviews that feel like the real deal, and oodles of soft skills that’ll make you stand out! 

100 Black Men of America’s College Scholarship: This isn’t just a scholarship; it's a rocket fuel for your dreams. Don't miss this coveted shot! 

Why Dive In? For our ambitious achievers 🌠: You’re on the cusp of something monumental. This program isn’t just about a line on your CV; it’s about equipping you with the tools, networks, and confidence to soar. You’ll step out not just as a graduate, but as a game-changer ready for the world.

 For our family & friends cheer squad 📣: Watch these young stars rise and shine brighter! With hands-on experience and invaluable skills, they’re not just setting themselves up for success; they’re setting new standards. 

 📢 Attention, future leaders and dream-chasers! Jump in and let's craft futures that inspire awe. 🌊 Propel your journey now!  

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